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Linked – Women leaders are leaving companies at highest rate ever

This is just sad. Too many companies made a lot of promises about the future and then turned around and canceled them as soon as they felt they could.

“Yet as more women return to the workforce, LeanIn.org’s co-founder and CEO Rachel Thomas says their patience is wearing thin for companies pushing to return to “business as usual,” requiring more time in-office, and letting conversations about employee mental health and diversity, equity and inclusion fall to the wayside after promising to prioritize these issues in 2020. “

The disappointing thing is that it’s primarily women walking away from these companies. I think everyone should. If your organization ran successfully with flexible work and a better focus on wellness and mental health initiatives, and now they want to go back to 2019, they are not well-run.

There is no reason to think those organizations will be flexible and nimble enough to navigate the future. Why stay?


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