Bloglines link blog revisited

So you know how I setup a quick link blog using my bloglines subscriptions, right? There is one definite drawback, just using the one-click “Link blog this” on items in Bloglines creates a link not to the original item, but to the item in the feed that bloglines has pulled and left on their site. So to go from the link blog to the original item on the original blog takes two clicks instead of one. Not great, but then again, I set this up to bookmark things mostly for myself, and it takes no effort at all to put things there, so I guess I’ll take the good with the bad and call it even. By the way, it has it’s own RSS feed, if you’re interested in following along the things I find interesting enough to want to clip for myself. It probably also means I won’t be doing a lot of “link roundup” type of posts here anymore, which should mean perhaps slightly fewer posts, but more posts just about my ideas and experiences.

Update: There are also no comments or anything else fancy on the link blog, so if you see something over there you want to discuss feel free to either blog it yourself and/or drop me an email about it. (webmaster at you know where….)

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