Just a little test

This is just a little test blog post so I can check out creating an ESBN. Feel free to pay no attention to this. πŸ™‚

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ESBN 22586-060214-142998-93

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  1. I really don’t see the point in ESBN’s – after all the whole point of a unique id is also known as a URL
    I guess it can be used for copyright proof – to prove that you were the first person to write the piece…..or are you? Whats to stop someone taking a document from a previous esbn and then posting their comment and esbn’ing it? Therefore to prove that you were the first person to write the document you have to search esbn (which is going to be incomplete) or use google – which leads me back to my first comment – what is the point if you can just use google?

  2. ESBNs can used to provide author/content authentication or nonrepudiation in copyright disputes. They can also be used to track blog views to see how many people are reading your content.

    In the near future, ESBNs will be able to be used as plagiarism checks as new ESBNs are created. Original authors will be notified of such possible violations in their copyright.

    In addition to blogs, ESBNs can be used for podcasts, websites, emails, digital documents (online or offline), images, e-books, etc.

    ESBN 75307-060215-670204-45

  3. Chris – i’d like to see how any of your points are valid – HOW does it provide content authentication? Whats to stop someone copy pasting my first comment and giving the new comment an esbn number – that doesn’t prove that they own the copyright to my comment. Also blog views would only work if the people went to esbn or a browser to read Mike’s blog.

    Likewise esbn’s could do violations, but only if the plagiariser is daft enough to give their own work an esbn….

    Sorry – don’t think this is going to catch on.

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