It’s a beautiful day..

At least it was a beautiful day all the way from Fargo to Billings. Sun was shining the sky was bright blue and it was a really nice peaceful drive. Now it’s storming but that’s ok, I’ve got 7 states worth of dead bugs on the front of the Subaru, it could use a little rain! Made a couple of really excellent, short stops to see some incredible sights, hopefully the pictures turned out ok…

I didn’t manage to get a connection last night in Fargo, which sucked, but it was one day, I figured I could live. Sorry about the Gnomedex pictures, I guess some of them didn’t upload correctly. I’m fixing that tonight, and I’ll be throwing up pics from yesterday and today as well. (Yeah Dwight you can go ahead and use the picture of yourself if you want to, I’d just ask for a link giving me credit for it, cool?)

I’ll catch up more a bit later.

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