Speaking of bad marketing

OK, this isn’t really marketing per se, but it is somewhat bad customer service, so here’s a free clue. If you’re a local, or in this case a regional, camera store, and you’re going to try and repackage a 1GB SD card that had been returned, you might want to take a minute and delete the pictures that are on it!

Also, while we’re handing out clues on this one, if you’re going to be returning a removable storage card to the store, you might want to delete the pictures from it. I’m sure you didn’t really want Angela and I browsing through your personal photos. 🙂

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  1. Hmmm.. Those were either really, really, really bad photos, or um… really, really, really good pictures.

    Yeah, it’s been a long day here too.

  2. /me quickly runs to your flickr account…..

    Actually I (partially) don’t think its the stores fault – the card was probably returned as broken or was told that it wasn’t used – if its the former then it shouldn’t have been restocked – if it is the latter then its the owners daft fault.
    Now it would be really funny if somehow you could track down the previous owner and let them know you saw their photo’s…..

  3. Actually the photos were pretty dull and nothing that you could use to track anyone down, that’s probably why they hadn’t put a large priority on deleting them. The somewhat silly thing about it is that the packaging clearly stated not to format the card because it came with some recovery software pre-installed, so you should copy those files off before you formatted. Obviously, those files were gone. Not a big deal, I already have a tool for recovering lost photos, but it doesn’t make the store look good.

  4. It doesn’t make the store look good because the perforated paper around the actual card was torn. I thought I’d done in removing it from the package. I guess they didn’t look carefully when it was returned. Of course maybe the customer put the tabs back on the outside of the packaging and since the package looked as if it was not opened on the outside they never thought to look on the inside.

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