One of those mornings

Quiet blog today, I’m having one of those “Do any of you people even pay attention to what goes on around here, or do you just wait for me to do it for you?” mornings….

Sometimes trying to be good at your job, and staying on top of things, just isn’t worth it when no one else can be bothered to.

Later:. Apparently it extends beyond the workplace today. The RoadRunner Help page brags about their email support. “Responses received in hours, not days!” Guess what I just got? A response to my email from Thursday about our internet connection. Better yet, the response was “we don’t know what might be causing your trouble, please call our helpdesk” So, 4 days later, 3.5 days after the connection trouble went away, you finally reply, and your reply is that I should call. How, exactly, did your email tech support do anything more than waste my time?

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