Back to a previous topic, I am seriously giving thought to doing something different with the photo albums. Does anyone have any suggestions for some photo album software that would be compatible with a Windows hosting environment? It can’t be based on MySQL, perhaps something is ASP using Access or PHP without using a database? That’d be sweet..

Also, if you’re interested, I took on some blatant propaganda being pushed by Michael Robertson about Office 2003 over at the Beta Notes blog this morning. It’s yet another example of someone with a blatant self-interest trying to scare people away from MS by distorting the truth. The sad thing is, so many so-called “experts” will read what he has to say and assume it’s true without having ever even installed a copy of Office 2003 for themselves. (Those of you on the email list probably already got that post, I posted it here first and then changed my mind and put it over there.)

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