Turns out the speed didn’t stay quite that high so the download will finish sometime this evening. No biggie, since the only CD-R’s I have in the office are 650MB anyway. I would have had to wait until I go home and grab a 700MB and burned tomorrow if it had finished by 5PM. 🙂

The title of this post refers to something that’s been bugging me lately. There’s are assumptions that are made about me, and I think, most IT people. We’re all a bunch of geeks, right? To some extent that’s true, but I’m about to list the ways that I am not a geek, or at least that the stereotypes about geeks don’t apply to me:

I have never played Dungeons and Dragons in my entire live, or any other role-playing fantasy game. I’m just not interested.

The only video games that really hold my interest are hockey, football and baseball. (Reality based.)

I’ve never seen Attack of the Clones, or either LOTR movie, and I don’t have any plans to soon.

I hate, no wait, hate is not a strong enough word. I detest all things Star Trek.

I didn’t think The Matrix was a very good movie. (Interesting concept, yes, neat special effects, yes, but about 2 hours too long!!)

If I could be doing anything in the world right at this moment, it wouldn’t involve using a computer of any type. (It would involve enjoying people I love, and being in places I love..)

I see technology as a tool to get things done, not an end to itself. I work in this field because I enjoy it and it pays the bills, not because I think that technology is going to somehow change thousands of years of human evolution and make us all get along.

I don’t think Bill Gates is the anti-christ and Microsoft is the source of all evil in the world. I think they’re a company trying to make money, which is, afterall, what companies do.

I don’t like anime.

I’ve never even used a P2P file sharing network, let alone downloaded copyrighted materials. (Do you have any idea how much time that takes? I’d rather be doing something else.)

I don’t drink Mt. Dew.

I was much more impressed driving over the Beartooth Pass and through Yellowstone last summer than I have ever been by any technology.

I’m not an atheist.

I don’t believe conspiracy theories.

I don’t care if the “truth is out there” or not.

I never watched the X-Files.

I played sports as a kid.

My heroes didn’t invent the browser, the web, linux or anything else. They aren’t notorious hackers, copyright lawyers, bloggers or sci-fi writers. You’ve probably never heard of my heroes. They are people who have overcome great difficulties to lead regular lives and give of themselves to help others do the same.

So am I out of the geek club or what? 🙂

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