A breakthrough?

Maybe. I found another machine that sends emails like mine does. They always go through and they push or drag the other emails with them. Once I found that, it was simply a matter of figuring out what my machine and that one have in common that others don’t. Well, it’s one of the new machines so there are two things. It’s XP, which I don’t think is the answer, and I installed the Norton AV using the installation cd instead of doing it remotely, while I was setting it up. All of the machines that I installed it remotely on are having email problems. I should be able to correct it by running around with the cd and installing again using that medium instead of the remote method, right?

Yes I do realize that it’s probably not the method but some option that is enabled in the remote that I disabled when I used the CD, but in the interest of time, there’s no reason to try and find what that option is, or how to take it out of the remote configuration. Maybe later, when the email is working properly I can go back and do that. Now, off to test my theory further!

Update: Actually the issue may be tied into the OS. The same exact setup on an NT machine that I have on the XP one doesn’t work. Reapplying the service pack didn’t seem to fix it, but I think that may have been because I was looking at the problem backwords. I reapplied the SP on an NT machine that was sending mail, and wondering why it still wasn’t be received the same way the mail from the XP machine was, but maybe I need to reapply the SP on the receiving machine? Nevermind, that didn’t work either.

Update2: Actually it seems that the simple act of disabling the “network” scan in the RealTime protection options does the trick. According to a post in the Symantec forums, if you have it installed on the server and the client, there’s no need for the client to have the realtime network scan because the server would be scanning it at the same time, so it’s redundant. The extra scan also, on the slower NT machines, causes a problem with the email getting delivered. Uncheck the option and everything works as it should. It only took me a day and a half to figure out to uncheck one box, I’m so impressed with myself. *L*

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