My contribution to the RSS bandwidth question

As discussed in the comments, using Bloglines might be considered a better way to limit the bandwidth I use in checking on feeds, since it checks once an hour and shares the feed with all of the subscribers to that feed. So I decided to give it a try.

It’s better than I thought it was. For one, it does let you import OPML files, which saves me a ton of time. The other thing that I found neat was the clip blog feature, which basically lets me setup a “link blog” type of thing, without having to do hardly any work. So now I can save links for myself and point to interesting things that require no further comment, or don’t really fit on this or the child abuse blog. You can see it here. Don’t know if I’ll post as many links as Scoble does on his, but then again, I don’t read as many feeds as he does to find those links! 🙂

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