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One of my favorite things about living in South Carolina, especially now that I’ve been here awhile and have gotten used to things, are all of the great photo opportunities. Not only do we live close to the mountains, but with the mild weather, there aren’t long stretches of the year where you don’t get outside much.

Also, there is a ton of history in the area to shoot. Previously, we went up to the Cowpens Battlefield, but this weekend we took a short drive up the border of North Carolina. Our first stop was the Poinsett Bridge, built in 1820.
Poinsett Bridge, build in 1820

Poinsett Bridge from below

This is in the very corner of Greenville County, and if photography isn’t your thing, this area is becoming somewhat famous as a great year-long training area for professional cyclists. In fact, George Hincapie make his home up here. (No, that’s not him, but we did see quite a few folks cycling for a February morning!)
After a lovely time exploring the bridge and surrounding area, we got back in the car for the short trip to Flat Rock, NC and the Carl Sandburg Home National Historical Site. Not only can you tour the home and learn about the lives of Carl and his wife Lillian, a very accomplished woman in her own right, but the land around the house is a lovely park/hiking area, and the goat farm is still very much in operation. .

Carl Sandburg Home

Old Wagon

You can even hike to the top of Glassy Mountain from here, however with my current struggles with a lingering cough, we thought better of the long, uphill, climb. We’ll save that for another trip up there. Anyone want to come visit and join us? 😉

If that’s not enough to convince you to come, perhaps you should be reading Angela’s blog, which I swear is becoming her own version of Yelp for the Upstate. She’s been out taking photos even more than I have, and of course, she also has details on all the local food establishments that we’ve been trying out as well, in case photography, hiking, cycling and nature isn’t enough to interest you.

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