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Make 2011 The Year You Learn More About E-Discovery

Ralph Losey is putting his money where his mouth is. After years of trying to encourage law schools to do a better job teaching e-discovery, he’s decided to take on that challenge himself, with the help of some friends. Earlier this week, he announced the opening of E-Discovery Law Training, an online course equivalent to a three hour law school class, and is even making the first quarter of the class, 15 modules, free to anyone who’s interested.

Yes, it’s open not just to attorneys and paralegals, but also IT folks, Lit Support folks and others who find themselves in this world of e-discovery on a regular basis. It’s not often us lowly Lit Support folks have access to legal educational resources like this.

I will certainly be taking advantage of the free registration, and depending on how it goes, I am also giving serious thought to paying out for the rest of the course as well. I encourage any of you who are interested in learning more to do the same.

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