If At First You Don’t Succeed Try Another App

Earlier this week, after I used my iPhone to take some photos at the Franklin Park Conservatory, I opened up the official Facebook app on my iPhone to load some of those photos. Only, it didn’t work. Told me to try later.

Later, it still didn’t work. Reading some of the recent reviews for the app, it appears that a recent update might have broken some things, photo uploads being one of them. Oops!

This being an iPhone, and my intention being to add these to Facebook, I figured there had to be some other app out there that uploaded photos to Facebook, and sure enough, there is. iLoader to the rescue. So I’ll hang on to that app until the Facebook app gets fixed, hopefully. Of course, it never hurts to have a plan B with apps, you never know when an update will break a feature you’ve been relying on!

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