Self Encrypted Drives

So with the advent of so-called self encrypted SSD hard
drives, what does that mean for e-discovery data? Sure in terms of
using the drives to exchange data between client and firm, or
between plaintiff and defense, having it encrypted is a pretty good
idea. On the other hand, will it become more of a hassle to collect
data when encryption is common practice? Of course it will be more
of a hassle, any security measure adds a little bit of hassle, but
how much will really depend on the legal community being aware of
what security measures have been taken. Personally I find that most
hassle involved with encryption and password protected files comes
from no one realizing these measures have been taken until the data
gets to me. Then, instead of getting to work, we all have to spend
time going back the chain of custody to find out who has the
passwords! Eliminate that part of the equation, and we’ll be

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