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Linked: A Data-Driven Approach to Identifying — and Retaining — Top Employees

Let’s just agree, you’re going to need data in the future office, you won’t be able to just look out and see who’s working:

“The so-called “war for talent,” bandied about in the media since it was coined by McKinsey & Company in 1997, is taking on a whole new meaning post-Covid. The competition to find and retain talent has only been exacerbated as workplaces have moved to virtual and hybrid configurations, held tenuously together by remote collaboration. The expansion beyond brick-and-mortar operations essentially nullifies many former practices for identifying and nurturing talent, and “management by walking around” just doesn’t work anymore.”

Of course, the reality is, and everyone who has ever been passed over for recognition and promotion by someone who “looked” like they were getting a lot done when they really weren’t, know this, most managers who relied on “seeing” their reports while walking around were never really that good at identifying who is doing the best job.

But now, that people will continue to work all over the place, and using collaborative workspaces that have data available about who is doing what, and who is communicating with whom, it’s going to be all about the data. The tools are there. Will managers use them, and get better at managing talent?

Oh, also, those of you using Teams, Slack, etc. There’s a lot of data out there about what you are doing and who you are doing it with. Don’t let the ease of use fool you into thinking that the organization doesn’t own and have access to all that data.

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