Boomerang for Gmail

What Angela made me for Valentine's Day. Bonus points to anyone who knows where the lyrics come from.

For Valentine’s Day this year, the wife and I had one rule. No spending any money.

For her, that meant using some of the crafty things we already had around the house to make something for me, above. For me, heretofore known as the crafting disabled, this provided something of a challenge. Since I love writing, that became my method, but coming up with something new and interesting was the next challenge. So, I decided to do something a little special. Rather than having one note to read, I wanted to send the wife emails throughout the day, some with small love notes, some with Youtube links, some with “virtual coupons” for things like a romantic walk under the stars, a massage, and a bunch of other things.

Of course, since I would be at the office for a good chunk of the day, working, I needed a way to make sure these messages would get delivered. This became a good chance to test out Boomerang, a Gmail add-on that allows you to schedule messages. The free version is limited to 10 per month, but there is an unlimited trial for the first 30 days.

It adds a “Send Later” option to the Gmail interface in Firefox or Chrome. So I was able to spend a couple of days putting together 17 different messages to be delivered to my wife, and she was able to spend Valentine’s Day expectantly waiting for each new message. That’s a win-win to me!

If you have an occasional need to schedule emails to be sent later, check it out!

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  1. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful story. We (the team at Baydin) are so thrilled to see that Boomerang adds a little to your romance. We would like to send you and your wife a couple Boomerang T-shirts so you guys will remember this Valentines day whenever you see them.

    Can you reply to my email with with your choice of T-shirt sizes and colors, along with a mailing address? For colors, we have bright blue and dark grey. Sizes range from XS to XL (for size reference, these are American Apparel t-shirts).

    Wishing you many more happy valentines days.


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