Back-end of car with Tesla written on it.

Linked – Tesla Model 3 keeps data like crash videos, location, phone contacts

Is there a DBAN type tool out there to wipe the hard drive of your car before you sell it, or it gets hauled away from the site of a wreck? Maybe there should be:

“The researchers shared records with CNBC that showed the car’s computers had stored data from at least 17 different devices. The data was not encrypted.

Mobile phones or tablets had paired to the car around 170 times. The Model 3 held 11 phonebooks’ worth of contact information from drivers or passengers who had paired their devices, and calendar entries with descriptions of planned appointments, and e-mail addresses of those invited. (CNBC called and e-mailed several of the people who had paired their phones to the vehicle to verify their information was authentic.)”

And it’s not just Tesla, think about how many car models come with Bluetooth capabilities. Do you know how much of your phone’s info continues to be stored with the vehicle even after you walk away with your phone?

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