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Linked – UK government proposes sweeping new regulations of online content

Umm, what?

“Of course, forcing technology content to proactively monitor its platforms for objectionable content could create problems of their own, leading to unnecessary removal of legitimate content or eroding user privacy.

UK regulators say there’s no need to worry about this. “The regulator will not compel companies to undertake general monitoring of all communications on their online services, as this would be a disproportionate burden on companies and would raise concerns about user privacy,” the document states. However, it says, there is “a strong case for mandating specific monitoring that targets where there is a threat to national security or the physical safety of children.””

Let me rephrase that as I read it:

“No, no silly. No one is saying that you have to monitor everything or restrict the way people post things online now. We’re just saying that you will need to always be monitoring everything that is posted for certain types of things, which we haven’t defined, and may not ever.”

Because somehow, in magic political world, monitoring /= monitoring.

The days of being free to post what you want without needing a gatekeeper to grant you permission on social media are quickly coming to an end, I fear. Hope you enjoyed it.

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