Linked – Turnover 2019: Why Employees Leave [survey results]

Some interesting results, and thoughts, shared by Sharlyn Lauby here. I’m particularly interested in what appears to be a sharp increase in the number of people simply looking for more money/benefits. Granted, it’s a relatively small sample size, but I think the increase from last year could signify that employees are figuring out that the economy has changed from “Just be glad to have a job”, to “There is competition for your talent”, so people know they have options and can demand more.

At the same time, while yes 35% gave that as their top reason, 65% didn’t, so there is quite a lot more nuance to retaining talent than just paying people more. It’s also about career advancement, poor management, and flexibility.

I also agree with her on this, but would add that it’s also about whether employees trust their employer to train them for their own future, or the companies future. I know which one I’d pick too.

Training and development was at the bottom and in the single digits both years. There could be a few reasons for this. I believe employees have really embraced the “own your career” mantra that became so popular during the Great Recession. As a result, training looks different. Training can take the form of MOOCs, books, blogs, webinars, etc. Many of these resources are free.

Read the whole thing, and let us know what you think. Would you agree with these results? Or are you seeing something different?

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