Man hiding under an umbrella.

Linked – Employees who open up about depression are more productive, research finds

This makes sense. It’s easier to be productive in an environment that feels safe and comfortable, as opposed to one in which we are always on edge and hiding, right?

“Our research shows that where employers create a culture of avoidance around talking about depression, employees themselves end up avoiding work and even when they return to work they are not as productive as they could be,” said Dr Sara Evans Lacko, associate professorial research fellow at LSE and co-author of the paper.”

The article talks about HR taking this kind of research to get funding for some programs that might help employees, but really it’s all about the difference between knowing a manager and an organization has your back, and one where they are on the constant lookout for your “failures”.

Doesn’t that just make everyone more productive to work in that kind of environment though? So why not focus on creating it?

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