Linked – New botnet targets password recycling

A new botnet has been discovered that takes login credentials from a less-secure site and tests them on banking and financial transactions sites, leaving users who reuse the same password across sites vulnerable to attack.

This isn’t good. Let’s try and not use the same password on multiple sites people, especially if it’s a site where you are handling private financial information!

This is a good reason to use a password management program.

The downside to that is that it become impossible to actually remember your password, and on the rare occasion that you can’t access a mobile device, and need it, you are kind of screwed. (Yeah, it happened to me, my iPhone got damaged and turned into a brick, and at the store the tech asked me for my AT&T account password. Yup, no real way to log in to my password manager and find it just then.)

So maybe a backup plan for that one password. 😉


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