How Much Work Will You Do This Memorial Day Weekend?

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It’s a sad reality for many of us. Sure it’s a three day weekend, but there’s almost no way we’ll actually simply take three days away from work. Despite all we know about how unhealthy and unproductive working all of these hours really is, the American workplace still places a value on it.

I’ve linked to information before:

Linked – The Cost of Working Overtime

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And earlier this week I saw the results of an experiment in Sweden with 30 hour work weeks, and how much more efficient the workers actually were.

Are Shorter Work Days Better For Your Health & Productivity?

Of course, if I can’t convince you, maybe this article will speak to you:

If you choose your job over your mental health something’s wrong

So, with a holiday weekend on the horizon, do yourself a favor, and spend some time doing something other than working.


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