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Image by flazingo_photos
Image by flazingo_photos

“An interesting effect of the changing business landscape has been a change in the attitude toward departed employees. In the past, many companies treated those who’d left (whether voluntarily or involuntarily) as pariahs, traitors, or losers. Today, they’re generally considered a pool of potentially desirable rehires. “

Of, course, this assumes that bridges were not napalmed on the way out the door!

One, as a departing employee, that’s never a professional way to act, and not how you want to be remembered. You never know when and where you’ll run into these people again. Two, as a manager if you mistreat someone who has resigned, they aren’t coming back. I’ve seen far too many managers take it personally when someone leaves for what is clearly a better opportunity, and ruin any chance of that good employee coming back when things change.

And things always change…

Don’t be that employee, or that manager. Just accept that career transitions happen all the time, and move on.

Yes, even if you hate you current job and would never go back to work at that place in a million years. If the workplace is that bad, you won’t be the only one leaving, and you may find yourself working with some of the same people you left behind there. Is that how you want them to remember you?

We’re all grown ups here. Or at least we are supposed to be.

Can You Go Home Again?

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