Ralph Losey has a New Book – eDiscovery for Everyone

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, the ABA has a new book by Ralph Losey out all about eDiscovery. I’ll let Ralph describe it himself:

As the title suggests, this book is written for everyone with an interest in e-discovery. It is an introductory to intermediate level book. I tried to make it a fun-read that will hold your interest and still have meat on the bones. My regular blog readers, who are nearly all advanced practitioners and experts, will already know the content and recognize many of the stories from the blog. Still, even you, the elite, might want to have a copy in your collection to cite from time to time (please!). Chapter Six on the 2015 Rule Amendments especially lends itself to that. I also have some good ethics chapters to cite to in references to the conduct of opposing counsel.

Ralph, of course, is well known to those of us in this industry, and I for one welcome a book by such an expert aimed at those just coming in to this industry. As we see computer forensics, cybersecuirty and eDiscovery sort of melding into similar needs and technology, we see a lot of folks who have always worked with data during investigations being asked to take on eDiscovery roles, so this might be a good way to get familiar with this new world.

You can read more in his announcement.

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