Linked – 49% of workers fear being open about mental health status at work

All the work to raise awareness and all the pronouncements from senior leaders, yet half of the workers still feel like they can’t talk about their mental health at work?

Maybe it’s because of this:

“Over 70% of work executives think their employees felt they promote a healthy work-life balance and encourage paid time off, including any days employees might need to cater to their mental health.

But only 53% of members of the workforce feel encouraged to use their PTO and even less feel supported to take time off for mental health needs, including therapy (46%).”

There has been a lot of progress, but I fear management has made that progress and ticked the item on the checklist as “done” without really making sure they’ve hit the mark. Yes, they rolled out a mental health benefit or two, but have they done the work to train managers? Have they understood how employees feel about that relationship and whether they trust their immediate manager? That is where an employee needs to feel safe talking about mental health. If that safety doesn’t exist, all the extra benefits in the world will not help.

Read more about this disconnect below:

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