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Linked – New data shows shortsighted companies will try to replace workers with AI

Read anything from the companies building AI tools, tech enthusiasts, and even AI cynics, and what you’ll read is that AI is not as good as humans but could be considered a helpful tool. As it gets better, it should help workers be more productive, eliminating some busy work and allowing them to be more engaged.

You might even hear it isn’t very good at much and is nothing more than hype.

Underneath all of that “kumbaya” talk about working with AI, though, is the reality of what senior leaders at some of the largest companies in the world think AI is going to do:

A new survey shows that 41% of senior executives at global companies believe there will be a reduction in workforce sizes as they adopt generative AI, contradicting the narrative of AI as a helper.

Many people who make hiring and firing decisions don’t think about AI as a tool for better work-life balance or increased productivity in their workforce. They are planning on replacing their workforce. These are likely the same ones who view layoffs as a strategy to tweak stock prices and see employees as numbers on a financial statement instead of human beings. Increasingly, they are being put in charge by shareholders who see employees similarly – a bothersome cost.

We should not be surprised that younger generations want to blow it all up.

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