Tweetdeck Update

I was very excited to see the new release of Tweetdeck, and no not because it integrates with FourSquare now. It’s the global filters that had me excitedly downloading the update as soon as I heard about it.

In fact, it was the promise of being able to hide all updates from foursquare from the folks I follow that was most exciting about it!

After a couple of days of use, however, it’s not as exciting as I thought it would be. It seems the filters work on a bit of a hit and miss basis. Sometimes I enter a filter and it removes everything that matches in the timelines, other times it doesn’t. Sometimes I enter it and it doesn’t remove anything currently in the column, but does filter things later, sometimes it does the opposite. As of right this minute, it seems to be working. (I’m filtering #Lost, because I’ve successfully made it the entire existence of the show without having ever seen a minute of it, so I don’t care about the finale tonight.)

The other thing that seems to only sort of work, is groups. I’ve seen a few occasions where it takes Tweetdeck a few minutes to filter the groups. I can see all my friends tweets in the all friends timeline, and I know some of them should also show up in one of the groups I created to make sure I see those folks, but there’s nothing showing in my groups column.

I assume the problem has something to do with the speed at which the filters and groups are being pulled down from the Tweetdeck server, or something ike that. Maybe lots of folks setting up filters all at once has created some problem. Whatever it is, I hope they get the hiccups worked out, because when global filters work, they are lovely!

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