Google Wave Open to Everyone, Does Anyone Care?

So Google opened up Wave to the public today, instead of restricting it to invites only, as if there’s some sort of pent up demand for it or something. Case in point, does anyone out there who tried out Wave not have a pile of invites they couldn’t give away? I know I do, and I also know I haven’t even looked at Wave in months. It just didn’t actually do anything I couldn’t do elsewhere, easier.

Of course, like Buzz, Google is already talking about how the failure of Wave really is because it’s not integrated with Gmail, so I fully expect to soon find yet another “feature” added to Gmail that I don’t actually want. I’ve seen that kind of bloat with email services before, that’s why I use Gmail and not Hotmail or Yahoo! Mail. Google, in their infinite wisdom though, seems hellbent on bringing everything into your inbox and keep it there, you know like every productivity expert in the world tries to teach us not to do.

Nice work Google!

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