Visual Thinkers and Trial Presentation

A comment that I heard the other day stuck with me even after I heard it. I was working with an attorney on some trial presentation and he mentioned that he’s not a visual thinker, that’s why he’s a lawyer! It got me wondering if this reality is wide spread. Does that explain the difficulty with getting many lawyers to work with technology and put together a visual presentation?

I wonder if it helps explain the prevalence of PowerPoint presentations with nothing but bullet points in CLE sessions too. šŸ˜‰

Of course, as an IT geek, I’m not much of a visual thinker either. That’s why, as much as I enjoy using Trial Director and doing some neat things with exhibits, I tend to kind of stick the plan, and keep it all simple instead of trying to do anything very creative. Of course, as studies show, many, many people are visual learners, and chances are some of these folks are going to be serving on juries, so we’ve got to figure out some way of getting something creative in front of them.

So what recommendations do you have for ways to get the creative juices flowing when your team is full of non-visual thinkers?

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