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Linked – New Research Reveals 6 Ways Leaders May Be Out of Touch With Their Employees

According to Gallup, things don’t look good for the workplace:

  • 1. 78 percent of employees don’t believe their leaders have a clear direction for the organization.
  • 2. 74 percent of employees don’t believe their organization delivers on promises to customers.
  • 3. 88 percent of employees think their company mishandled their onboarding.
  • 4. 86 percent of employees don’t think their performance review inspired them to improve.
  • 5. Over two-thirds of employees are experiencing burnout.
  • 6. Half of all employees are looking for another job.

Now, the article below goes into much more detail on each of these numbers, but I gotta tell you, if these numbers are accurate, half of us are looking to leave our jobs for the next job, which probably will do a poor job of on boarding, and is run by people we don’t trust and who have no idea how to prevent burnout. So, after a little while, we’ll just start looking for the next job..

Rinse, repeat.

Employers have a problem. Pretty much all of them.


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