Comments fix?

Andy tells me that he got aspcomments working with the new, longer blogids that the new version of blogger is going to be kicking out. I haven’t tried it yet on the test blog, but probably will tonight.

Hmm here’s a pretty good hint that I should learn more about programming myself, huh? I knew there must be something in the ASP code itself that was causing it to not work with a text field but didn’t know enough to find it. Thanks for the info Andy!

Update: I tried Andy’s fix on both the Office 2003 blog and my test Dano blog. On the 2003 blog it works fine, on the Dano blog it works, but the counts don’t work. I’ve looked at everything over and over and they seem to have identical setups, identical coding and identical databases, but the one with 9 digit blogid’s counts, while the 18 digit blogid’s don’t. I may just have to live with that….

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