Linked – Laremy Tunsil slides in draft after bong video posted on Twitter

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This situation tonight is something that shows the real danger of hacking. We all know what kind of havoc can be created when someone steals your personal information, but here it’s not just someone gaining access to information about this kid, it’s someone getting into the account and planting information.

That’s the real danger in hacking, that anyone, anytime, can make public what used to be private, or create wholly new “data” from nothing, and have it accepted as truth.

Laremy Tunsil may have, at some point, smoked from a bong. It may have been years ago, as he claims, or not, we don’t really know. What we do know is that video came out at exactly the right time to cost him millions of dollars. That was no accident. Someone meant for that to happen.

That is a hacker targeting an individual in order to ruin them. There are so many insecure databases out there where a hacker could do the same thing to any of us. It’s only going to get worse, I’m afraid.

Laremy Tunsil slides in draft after bong video posted on Twitter

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