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Linked: Microsoft asked 31,000 people what’s changed about work. One result was startling

The result was only startling if you’re looking at this historically, and ignoring what we see going on all around us in the last year or so?

“And now for the most startling element of all. What has really made people quit?

There was a tie at the top. Was it between the need for more money and the need for more power? It was not.

Instead, it was between personal well-being or mental health and work/life balance. Which all, to me, sounds like one very big thing.

It’s people all around the world observing their own work lives and ululating “I just won’t take this anymore” in loud internal voices.”

There is more at the link that you may want to read and consider, but the big point is that what workers want is sort of all over the place. As we all stop and consider what role or work should play in our lives, we are making a number of different choices. Leaders who simply assume they can make everyone do the same thing are going to appear out of touch, and that is also exactly what we are seeing. Flexibility sells when it comes to hiring and retaining talent, lack of it just makes you look callous and distant.

That’s no way to lead.

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