IE 7 beta 3

Yes, beta 3 of Internet Explorer 7 is available.

Naturally, I had to go grab it. I decided to uninstall beta 2 first, which sets you back to IE6. Then I had to restart. Once it restarted I ran the install for beta 3 and that install also included re-installing all of the IE-associated patches from Windows Update, along with the malicious software removal tool and various other stuff, so don’t think this is going to be a quick install. It’s not like it’ll take up your whole evening, but it will take a good chunk of time. Then there’s another restart involved.

A couple of odd notes. After the install finished, when I opened Outlook 2007, it ran through the “configuring Office 2007” screen for a couple of minutes as if it was a new install of Office. At least it didn’t ask me to re-activate the install! I’m assuming some of those updates touched Outlook and that was why, but I’m not really sure. The other odd thing, the first time I opened IE 7 beta 3 and ran through the “tour of new features” the menu bar was grayed out and none of the menus worked. Closing and reopening the browser fixed it. I didn’t notice if the menus didn’t work at first launch or if something in the “tour” disabled them.

Overall though, a pretty painless update.

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  1. I’ve installed IE7b3 on another computer, and it’s a lot smoother-running than the previous beta; I also like the improvements made. As long as Firefox has the extensibility factor in its favor, I won’t even think about switching to other browsers. I like all the extensions available that add functionality no other browser can offer.

    Until Microsoft can figure out all the major bugs in IE7 (which might not be until its final release), I never recommend installing it as a main browser. I’ve had a lot of people complain to me how it destroyed the computer’s dll library during uninstallation.

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