No More Flickr or Facebook Question?

We’ll have to wait on the details, but will the recent announcement that Yahoo! and Facebook are going to be tying their services together actually mean that us amateur photographers can stop trying to decide whether to share our photos on Flickr, or Facebook, and be able to tie the two groups of contacts together without leaving folks who only use one of the two services out in the cold when it comes to commenting?

I sure hope so. I get tired of trying to troubleshoot the current methods of sharing my recent Flickr photos on Facebook, let alone knowing that many of my family and friends won’t click through to Flickr the same way they will to a FB album. Yet, I also get tired of all the photo tools I like on Flickr not being available on Facebook. (Sharing different sizes, letting others use my photos in blog posts, etc.)

We’ll see what happens.

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  1. Well that’s good. I hope FB doesn’t screw this up. Kind of a leap of faith on Yahoo’s part don’t you think? Yahoo might have been better off simply selling off Flickr to FB. Any kind of partnership is going to favor FB more than Yahoo.

    1. I don’t know about that Marv. Is it a leap of faith, or is Yahoo just acknowledging what we all know, that Facebook’s user base is the 500lb gorilla in the social networking space, and if you want your stuff to get used, and talked about, you have to bring it to Facebook so those users can do that.

      If you look at the whole of Yahoos’s offering, they have some nice properties that Facebook doesn’t have. Things like News, Sports, Fantasy sports, etc. Personally, I think Flickr is a much better feature set for showing off photographs than Facebook, for example, so it makes sense to have FB integration there from FB’s side of things, but if I’m Yahoo, I’ve got Flickr and many other properties that add serious value to social networking sites, and want to maybe encourage people to use my own social networking tools, but the users are all on Facebook. That’s become the defacto sharing site for many. Heck to some, Facebook is the internet. If they don’t see it linked to there, it might as well not exist.

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