Can I Get Your Attention?

One of the fun things about having a number of blogs now, is that I get to experiment in many different ways. Also, because I’m not trying to make money from any of them, I get to kind of see what drives traffic, what doesn’t and how the whole blogging industry is changing before our eyes, without feeling like I’m losing business or anything. I get to play in this world, but maintain a bit of an outsider’s status.

Over the last year, or more, I’ve started noticing a lot more sites pushing things to the forefront of their pages. Whether it be a popup box asking you to subscribe to their newsletter, sliders pointing you to their Facebook page, something that comes up as you leave a page asking you to share it on various social networks, etc. They really seem to be everywhere, but I can’t help but wonder if they really work. If I have a lightbox popup asking you to subscribe to the email list, will more people do that? What about “liking” the Facebook page? Or have these new tools become just as easy for us to ignore as the ads at the top of a page have become?

So, if you happen to see some of these types of things showing up here, or on the other blogs, don’t be too surprised, and excuse my indulgences. I’m attempting to do two things, 1 actually see if I can get more people to read and interact with my content, and be able to create more content about what works, what doesn’t and what is more annoying than it’s worth. I expect that eventually, if I do find something that works well, I will keep that up long term, but in the mean time, anything that does show up for you when viewing the site, may change over time as well. One day I may be asking you to like this on Facebook, another I may be highlighting the RSS feed, yet another, I may be pushing the email list. You just never know… 😉

What do you have to say fellow bloggers? What do you find works? What do you consider too much?

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