Interesting New Challenges

Since it was announced at work earlier this week, and the details were officially accepted by me today, I guess it’s a good time to make an announcement here.

Things are going to be changing for me, professionally, yet again. Our little 2 person Litigation Support Department is being overhauled, due to the engagement and subsequent relocation of our current Lit Support Manager. He’s agreed to stay on and work remotely for a time, but he won’t be in the office to run things on a day by day basis. Thus, I’m taking over as Manager and will be running the department from Columbus, while he continues to do most of the same work he’s been doing remotely. It’ll be nice to have somewhere to turn when I run into questions, sure beats being the old one-man IT department from back in the day!

So I guess I need to look at our work in a whole different way now, and probably listen to more Manager Tools. I do think I have a number of meetings to schedule and conversations to have over the next few weeks, sort of gathering intelligence to see how this is going to impact everyone and how to best get the work done. I’m going to strive to go with a “listen first” attitude to make sure I’ve got as much information as possible before making any changes.

As such, I’ll also take any managerial advice you guys have as well. 🙂

Should be pretty interesting, and of course I’ll be sharing what I learn about managing right here too!

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