Planning for everything!

So, a little more than 7 hours ago, I was at my desk planning on finishing out the work day, and then some “alone” time at home before the wife made her way back from a work event in Akron later this evening.

Instead, at 10PM, I find myself in a hotel in Cleveland.

Seems we have some equipment that needs setup at the court house tomorrow morning, bright and early, and it fell to me to be the guy to haul it up here and do that.

Luckily, one of my suits was clean to wear to court tomorrow, and I could pack up enough stuff for an overnight trip quickly before hitting the road this evening. It does, however, serve as an important lesson. Sometimes you never know where Litigation Support is going to take you, it’s probably best to be prepared, especially when it occurs on a night when my wife is out of town and I have to fend for myself in finding the correct outfit. Given that her new job will involve some serious travel, it’s good to get this wake up call now, on a relatively easy trip.

Wonder if I shoud ust keep an overnight bag packed all the time? 😉

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  1. It’s probably not a bad idea to keep your toiletry bag packed at all times. I think it’s also a great time to consider a new suit for you.

  2. If you listened to a recent Manager Tools podcast, I hope your bag was a small carryon version. The only downside would be that your clothes would be really wrinkled if they were permanently packed in the bag. Still, if you are doing overnights, there’s not a lot you really need to have packed….
    At least you got a hotel – I’d probably have to drive there and back each day 😉

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