Linked – Successful, Cost-Effective eDiscovery Requires A Team Approach

This is so good, I just wanted to quote it here:

“But here’s the rub: because you’re the strategist, you have to be involved in figuring out what to look for. And I don’t just mean the associates, I mean you, the Chief Strategist for the matter. Your input on what is important for discovery has to guide the entire process.


Litigation support professionals know technology. They know what’s hard about getting data from certain sources, and they know how to use the technology they have to get to what you need and organize it how you need it — if you tell them what you need.


Most of the lit support folks I talk to will say that they can add significantly more value to matters that they work on, but the lawyers won’t talk to them about the case — they just issue orders of what they want. If that’s what you’re doing, you are paying for professionals that you aren’t using effectively and you’re missing out on real value for your clients.”

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