Linked: What Does It Mean to Be a Manager Today?

Things have certainly changed in the last year, but I honestly believe the pandemic only accelerated what was happening culturally before then. The name of the game in management, and in employer/employee relationships just isn’t the same as it was when I started working.

“Empathy isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. In fact, in that same survey, 85% of HR leaders at midsize companies agreed that it’s more important now for managers to demonstrate empathy than it was before the pandemic. Further Gartner analysis shows that managers who display high levels of empathy have three times the impact on their employees’ performance than those who display low levels of empathy. Employees at organizations with high levels of empathy-based management are more than twice as likely to agree that their work environment is inclusive.”

This is what employees are looking for, and it is what they respond to. If you plan on leading people in the workplace, you had better care about them as people, and have the ability to show them that. Anything less will jeopardize what kind of engagement you will get from them.


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