Linked – Connected Homes and Cars Can be Difficult for New Buyers to Un-Plug

I guess this is a really good reason to never buy a used smart device, right?

In a recent blog post, An IoT Love Story: Always Apart, Never Disconnected, Henderson shared the personal story of what happened when he sold his convertible a few years ago. Henderson was connected to that car via a mobile app that enabled him to work the door locks, set the climate control, start the car and honk the horn remotely.


Before he gave the car to the dealer, Henderson deleted all of his personal data stored in the radio and navigation systems. He just assumed his app access to the vehicle would be automatically revoked. But it wasn’t.


Nearly four years later, he still has “digital ownership” of his old car. Henderson said he knows where that vehicle is at all times and still has the ability to control its various functions.


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