How Information Governance Mindsets Can Help with eDiscovery

I absolutely think they can, and these are methods we should be looking at to get some control over data. At least, according to Mindseye, there are 5 things that we should be thinking about:

Companies are drowning in data, whether it’s on laptops, smart phones, desktops, servers, or the cloud and it’s only getting worse. Overwhelmed, organizations are generally not sure what they have, where it came from, and if and when it should be disposed of. And when it comes to managing the data, there’s a lack of consistency and accountability.
Instituting a comprehensive, actively managed, and intelligent information governance (IG) process means having less, but more organized information in the company overall. For eDiscovery, this translates into less data that has to be culled during preservation and ultimately, less data moving to processing and review. But integrating discovery and IG is not a simple project and requires a comprehensive strategy for effective implementation. Here are five mindset changes you need to make to better manage information and ultimately reduce the amount of data within the organization.

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