Linking to Transcripts

Here’s the scenario. We’ve got trial transcripts, in ASCII text format. We’ve got an attorney writing up a Word document in which he wants to reference certain parts of the testimony from the transcripts. He would like to use hyperlinks within his Word document, and he would really like the link to go directly to that line/page in the transcript.

So far I’ve found two somewhat difficult ways to do that, one to convert the ASCII files to Word documents and create bookmarks in the Word doc where I want to link to, or create PDF’s of the ASCII files and convert the Word doc to HTML and follow the instructions here for creating destinations within the PDF and writing up the proper link.

Those were the only 2 ways I could get it to work, given the tools at my disposal. I assume there’s actually some way to do something similar in Summation, but not necessarily in a format that could be used by someone else, who doesn’t have Summation, at least in my mind.

Anyone have a better suggestion?

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