Use What You Have

One of the more interesting, yet completely useful, pieces of equipment I took with me up to Cleveland the other day was something that my boss hacked together to serve as a portable projector stand.

Basically, what he had done was take a piece of black plywood, and drilled a screw through it, that he then attached to one of those pieces of a camera tripod that you screw onto the bottom of your camera. When you snapped that piece onto a tripod, you had yourself an adjustable, lightweight and easy to carry stand, that you could easily place anywhere in the room you needed the projector to be. Just as importantly, it was easy to move out of the way again when you were finished with it.

I even got a couple of comments about it.

Of course, it’d be nicer if we could find something that wasn’t so obviously hacked together, but was still just as portable. Anyone have any suggestions?


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