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Out of the water


We made it back Tuesday night. We enjoyed our stay in Orlando, spent some time at Sea World, Epcot and the Kennedy Space Center, met up with Kevin and Merrin Donahue for some delish Cuban food, took a whole lot of pictures, got rained on pretty heavily, and generally enjoyed some time away from work, and as it turns out, an Internet connection!


Meeting the Donahues after all these years of commenting on each other’s blogs. That was fun, not to mention the fine food, and Sangria, I enjoyed at the Columbia.

Feeding the Dolphins at Sea World, as well as the Shamu show, and numerous photo opportunities around the park.

At the end of the day Diver

At Epcot, Soarin’ was a lot of fun, touring around the different “countries” definitely got me stoked to do some more traveling, and we managed to find some unexpected photos there as well!


On the down side at Epcot, when choosing between the less-intense and more intense options on the MISSION: Space, there are quite a few warnings about not choosing the more intense option if you suffer from motion sickness. They’re not kidding. It’s a great ride, but I had to stop and sit down for a good 15 minutes afterwards. 🙂

The other downside was the humidity. Those storm clouds that were around all day brought plenty of that with them, but that was easily rectified by hitting the pool before heading to dinner at BB King’s. (Which was a highlight as well, the white cheddar mac and cheese was awesome, and the band was pretty good too!)

On Tuesday, the threat of rain forced us into a last minute change of plans, instead of going for an airboat ride, we drove out to the Kennedy Space Center. That was a really cool experience, and we learned a lot about the Space Shuttle program, the history of NASA and the International Space Station. We even got out there during a time both Shuttle launch pads had shuttles on them, even if the tour only brings you within view of the backside of the launchers, it’s still pretty cool to see how they get out there and where they take off from.

Launch Pad A 

Of course, this was also where we got soaked, Angela taking the worst of it. But, it made for a good story to tell about our vacation, and all of our electronics seem to have escaped damage, so it’s all good.

You can catch the full set of photos, so far, over at Flickr. Be aware though, that some of the photos look better at full size, so you might want to click through and check them out!


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