Summ it Up! – Practical Guide to Summation

A couple of weeks ago a rep from somewhere left a copy of Michelle Kovitch’s Summ it Up! book with our office. It found it’s way to me, and I’ve been leafing through it to see how I might adjust my training sessions with the way Michelle presents the information in her book.

I had heard positive reviews of the first edition of the book going back over the past couple of years, so I was very interested in getting a glimpse at this edition. As I went through it, I have to admit I was really impressed not just at the amount of information, but also that it is written in such a non-tech jargon kind of way. Something any attorney can pick up and get a better understanding of how Summation works, and what they can do with it, above and beyond simple document review.

On top of that, it was good to read through some of the chapters and remind myself of some of the features, and what we could do with Summation that we don’t do now. It can be difficult in the midst of trying to get the day to day work done, to view the larger picture and see how we might do something differently. Michelle’s book, by covering Summation so thoroughly, helped remind me of that.

If you’re working in a Summation environment, I definitely recommend it!

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