You know a PC needs help…

When you go to restart and the memory is so tied up that you have to break down and hold in the power button, every single time!

Speaking of that PC, what is it with Norton Internet Security? I swear every PC I run across on side projects, or doing tech support for friends and family that has NIS running, winds up not being able to access the Internet at some point, until I disable it. Not good. The one I worked on this evening had the added complication of running NIS, alongside a trial version of McAfee Security, MSN’s software with it’s security functions, all behind a business firewall. Now the real kicker was the MSN Desktop search that kept trying to run an index when the PC started up, over top of all this software loading at startup, in 256MB of RAM.

Seriously, the hardest part of troubleshooting the Internet connection was just peeling away one layer of the security, and then waiting for IE or MSN to actually load! I tried at one point to drop to the command line to do an ipconfig lookup, to make sure the PC actually had the IP configuration that I had set-up for it, but it never responded. It hung.

Once I got the connection working, I started mentally working on the recommendation email. I think a nice combination of uninstalling some of these stuff, and getting more RAM would do the trick, don’t you?

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