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In response to that last post, Craig emailed and asked if I would recommend some tech blogs that are good for keeping up with the news. Well, since I know darned well that if I started listing tech blogs I’d leave somebody out I figured I’d do two things. First, I’d point you to the blogroll to the right. If you’re reading this in an aggregator or in email you’ll need to swing by the page to get a look at it. Secondly, I’ve uploaded the OPML file that includes all the feeds currently sitting in my news aggregator at work. Go ahead, grab it and import it to yours and see what the differences are between what you read and what I read. Leave a comment if your OPML file is online as well, so I can grab it! (Or email me if you want to submit one and I’ll post it on this site.) Between these two lists, I think I’ve got just about everything that I read on a daily basis, and then, of course, I follow links to interesting stuff from these all the time as well.

Happy reading!

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