Monday morning stuff

Overheard at Saturday night’s hockey game:

“Dude, you’d never catch me in New York or Washington or any place like that, those are just targets for terrorists, it could happen anytime, you never know”

5 minutes later from the same person:

“Well they’re just over-reacting to this girl getting killed at the game, I mean how often does something like that happen, it shouldn’t keep anyone from going, and they should just let it go already”

The fact that this apparently well-educated gentleman doesn’t see the inconsistency in these two statements makes me think they need more logic courses in college!

In other news:

The problems I’m having with the stats are on hold for now. I need to refresh my brain after this weekend so I’m just sort of ignoring it for now. The Bravenet counter is a band-aid for now, as it will at least give me some idea of how many people I’m missing from the on-site numbers, but I’ll not be satisfied until I have something on-site that I can depend on. We’ll see if I can get that anytime soon.

From today’s Langalist comes news that, “In order to provide a more effective e-mail service and control spam, AT&T Broadband Internet limits the number of e-mails you can send per day as well as the number of recipients to which you can send the same message.” So you pay for broadband and they tell you how many emails you can send out per day, regardless of whether they are the same message or not? Wow, what a rip off. This is what happens when broadband competition goes away, the big media companies simply limit services to avoid having to spend money on upgrades. After all, where else are you going to go for broadband if you don’t like it?

OK, off to do my Monday database work!

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