One of those days

Just a typical IT day, you’re trying to reconfigure a machine and get it moved, as an improvement for one of your users, but you get sidetracked when your boss comes running into your office, accounting reports falling out of her hands, asking you to investigate a missing payment from the database! Turns out someone accidentally deleted said payment from the main table, which made it seem like it had disappeared but the transaction was still visible in all of the accounting modules, and the status hadn’t changed, so there was no real harm done. On the other hand I need to work on keeping these occurances to a minimum, because I do pull payments data from the main table as part of other reports that I work with, and this record would have been messed up if we hadn’t put the missing payment back in that module of the database.

Yeah, that all makes sense, right? And you thought all I did was fix PC’s instead of dealing with complex databases, didn’t you? 🙂

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